Solar Panel Installers UK

With the UK Government cutting subsidies on solar panel installers. We are wondering what this means for the solar panels industry ?

The British government have now hit there growth point in the solar panel industry which was estimated to be hit by 2020 but the UK Government have hit there target 4 years earlier, than scheduled!

This is fantastic news for some, and not so good news for others!

Since the British Government have hit there original target for growth in the renewable energy industry, they have now halted and put a stop to any further subsidies for renewable energy. Which is making it very difficult for the average joe, to now get solar panels installed.

It’s now at a point in the UK, that since the British Government have stopped the subsidies, that for many, getting solar panels, just does not make financial sense anymore!

Solar panels are not cheap, but are a worth while investment with subsidies, since in a few years, majority of people will gain back there initial investment. But now, that’s just not happening.

I think for the renewable energy industry, this is a very big mistake! Firstly, if your ahead of schedule, why halt subsidies ? Would it not suggest to the British Government, that if you are ahead of schedule, it suggest that it’s very popular ? so if it’s so popular, to the point they have hit there target 4 years earlier than expected, why aren’t they making an even bigger push ?

Daily, we see on the news, about renewable energy and global warming. Why not continue to keep growing the renewable energy pie, so to speak!

Let us know your thoughts on halting subsidies for solar panels.

If your in the UK, and still confused by all this. There is an authority source on solar panels called “The Renewable Energy Hub” The Renewable Energy HUB

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