Queensland Solar and Lighting are excited about 2016 and beyond for solar power in Australia

June 17, 2016 by  
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Queensland Solar and Lighting in Brisbane, Australia are expecting big things to happen in the field of solar power in Australia.

We had a chat to the Director, Daniel, who was keen to see the change from non-battery compatible inverters, to everyone being able to install batteries on their existing solar systems.

“With SMA about to release their new retrofitting solar device in the coming months, we are exited to keep a close eye on the market, and just what volume of solar fanatics are wanting such a product. With many Queenslanders on the 44c Feed in Tariff, I don’t really expect many to be keen for such a device with batteries attached to it just yet, but there will be a few people out there who appear to not have a calculator and want batteries on their solar system for no other reason than wanting batteries. The economics of adding Batteries to an existing system are not there yet, but when they do come, we will be excited to call existing customers with the good news!”

Solar batteries in Brisbane are seemingly to be selling at a decent and surprising rate given the fact that the warranties on offer with the solar batteries do not even guarantee a working battery past the return on Investment date for the solar batteries.

“I would say that the early adopters of batteries are doing a very good thing for solar and the market, but not so much to their own financial situation by installing batteries yet, but if they are happy doing so, I am more than happy for them!” says Daniel in a cheerful manner, but admitting he doesn’t yet see the financial sense in buying batteries for Solar PV systems just yet.

Queensland Solar and Lighting has just come back from a solar expo in Bangkok, Thailand. “It was fantastic, and everyone had a good time at the Solar Expo, we were really excited to meet some excellent contacts who we hope help make QLD Solar & Lighting one of the most loved and respected customer focused businesses in the Brisbane region.

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