Solar Energy is Looking Brighter than Ever

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Solar Energy is Looking Brighter than Ever

The dropping cost of solar energy production makes its full adaptation inevitable. According to this recent Bloomberg article (, Solar is becoming the least expensive form of electricity production in the world. 2016 marked the first time that the renewable energy technology out-performed fossil fuels on a large scale. Not only is this good news environmentally, but economically as well. Our adaptation to solar energy will limit the amount of […]

Electrical Transformer Oil Recovery Methods(Oil Recovery)

August 22, 2017 by  
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An electrical transformer is only as reliable as its component parts. This fully applies to transformer oil, which functions as an insulator and a cooling medium. Transformer oil is under constant stress from high strength electric field and high temperatures; maintaining the quality of the oil becomes more and more difficult with time. With time, the oil ages and loses important performance qualities. Oil recovery makes it possible to restore […]

Why Solar Power is now the world’s cheapest Energy

August 4, 2017 by  
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As we continue to argue about whether or not it is appropriate to make a strong commitment to renewable energies, energy technologies are advancing the governments of half the world and are on track to turn this debate into something out-dated. Solar energy, which has been 75% cheaper since it is now already cheaper than any other type of energy produced by coal, oil or gas. But it’s not enough. […]

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