how fast does a 125watt solar panel generate power to a battery?

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how fast does a 125watt solar panel generate power to a battery? trying to figure out a conversion factor here to get a rough estimate of how many i would need to power my house, please help? Best answer: Answer by lee26loo Small house needs at least 10000 watts at peak power. Therefore your need 80 pieces of 125 watts solar panels. Know better? Leave your own answer in the […]

Does solar power have a future?

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I’m doing a geography project and I need to know if solar power has a future. I’m pretty sure it does but all the books and wbsites I’ve checked give so many different answers. Please help me out. Best answer: Answer by priyatanuroyIt does not cause it is not economically viable as it is not able to generate enough power for our growing needs. As much as we hate it, […]

Best Solar Power Home related magazines?

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We’re planning to incorporate Solar design features into our next home – actually, we’re looking at wind & solar. Which magazines are worth subscribing to? Which are not? I should specificy that we’re more interested in passive solar than in solar panels. Best answer: Answer by J.Actually, check out some of the links on If you are going to do much of the work yourself, you will be sadly […]

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