Solar Panel Installers UK

With the UK Government cutting subsidies on solar panel installers. We are wondering what this means for the solar panels industry ? The British government have now hit there growth point in the solar panel industry which was estimated to be hit by 2020 but the UK Government have hit there target 4 years earlier, than scheduled! This is fantastic news for some, and not so good news for others! […]

Describing the Typical 5kW Solar Panel Installation in the United States

First of all, the standard US home would benefit from installing 5kW worth of solar panels. These solar panels are typically 77 inches tall by 40 inches wide. They are around 2 inches thick and weight about 50 pounds each (give or take a few depending on the manufacturer). Each panel will generate about 315 watts or power, meaning that you will need around 16 panels to reach the 5000 […]

How to maintain your solar energy system

February 4, 2015 by  
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External maintenance External maintenance of your solar energy system should be performed twice a year. The entire outside surface of the collecting devices needs inspection and cleaning. Inspect the outside of all parts of the system. Remove, inspect, and clean the glazing, if the glazing is plastic it’ll need replacing every few years. While the glazing is off check the absorbing surfaces for rust, leaks, paint checking, or any other […]

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